About Us

“Our patients and volunteers reflect the multicultural inclusiveness of Julia’s Center for Healthcare.” – Barbara Devitt, President

About Us

Julia’s Center is a faith-based Medical Mission serving the uninsured residents of Collin County that do not have health insurance of any kind. We provide basic medical care for patients that have non emergency medical problems.

During the hours of operation, providers treat adults only, and the center accepts new patients and walk-ins between 5-7pm. and remains open until all patients are seen. There is no charge for the clinic services, however, patients may be asked for a donation, to offset costs of lab or diabetic supplies if they require them.

Julia’s Center for healthcare opened in February 2016, with 35 volunteers and to date has grown to over 45. It staffs 3-4 licensed medical providers, 4-5 nurses, 4-5 translators, 1 prayer minister, 1 social worker and 3-4 administrative volunteers each week.

Julia’s Center Values

To respect the welfare and human dignity of all people and to provide healthcare services to Collin County adult residents who have little or no access to traditional medical services.

The mission and sole purpose of the Center is to reflect God’s love by providing quality healthcare, education, and advocacy with dignity and compassion to the residents of Collin County who are uninsured or under-served.

“Love thy neighbor as thyself” Mark 12:31 without regard to race, religion, sexual orientation or ability to pay.

Church Partnerships

  • Christ Church Plano
  • Santa Natividad Iglesia
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints
  • First Christian Church of Plano
  • Vivid Life Church
  • North Dallas Bible Fellowship
  • St. Marks / St. Vincent de Paul
  • Arapaho Methodist

Collin County Coalition of Charitable ClinicsJulia’s Center for Healthcare is a proud member of the Collin Country Coalition of Charitable Clinics.

Potential Patient Issues

  • Live in Collin County, may or may not have a car, phone, a job or a stable address
  • May not know their date of birth
  • May feel frightened and alone in our country
  • May be working several jobs just to make ends meet
  • Can’t take off work during the day to see a doctor
  • May have lost their job, lost their homes, and have to chose food, or shelter before healthcare
  • May be working jobs with no benefits or simply can’t afford to pay for health benefits
  • May be someone’s aging parent, son or daughter, brother or  sister, intelligent, warm, genuine and caring human beings who have fallen on hard times and are just trying to survive
  • May have a medical problem and need to see a healthcare provider